Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Glen Sathers Award Part I

I thought it'd be a good time to analyze the team's in the NHL that is run by the worst management when it comes to contracts and signings. Hopefully by the end of it, we can determine the most poorly run organization.

Some factors to consider:
1) Amount of money given to players
2) Length of contract
3) How generally negative this is.

1 - Piss poor holy hell what have we done with our franchise
10 - Wow

Let's start off with the NW Division

Vancouver Canucks
Luongo - 100 years @ 6 million : I would say that this is their worst contract since they are strapped with Bobby Poo for so long. However, you could argue that after this season, this is a perfectly fine contract.

Also, the Sedin and Kesler contracts are starting to look brilliant. Fuck off Vancouver

Rating - 9

Colorado Avalanche
Paul Statsny - 5 years @ 6.6 million: This was a pretty bad signing. They overpaid him by like 1.6 million. However, he's not too much of a problem because the rest of the roster is making pocket change so it doesn't affect the situation much. We'll see what they do with Douchene

Rating - 6

Minnesota Wild
Mikko Koivu - 7 year @ 47.25 million: This guy is a point a game player but still, almost 7 million a year seems high. BIt overpaid, but he's the top scorer on their team.

Nick Shultz - 3 years left @ 3.6 million / year: A guy that I don't even know existed should not be making 3.6 million a year.

Rating - 5

Edmonton Oilers
Whorecoff - really long at way too much. If you ever have to feel bad about a contract, just compare it to Whorecoffs and you will probably feel better about yourself. This guy was making 6 million a year!!!!!!!!!! Bad signing.

Drunk Driving Bulin - 3.75 for 3 years. Ouch.

At least Oil have lots of cap room to play with, most of the other players don't make much. Ryan Whitney is at 5mil but he's been a workhorse for the team

Rating - 4

Calgary Flames
Niklas Fagman -1 more year @ 3 million - ugh
Matt Stajan - 4 years @ 3.5 million cap hit - ugh^2
Ales Kotalreke- 1 more year @ million - ugh^3
Jay Blowmemister - 5 more years @ 6.6 million - ugh ^4 - shoots self in face

Rating - 1

Maybe we should rename this to the Darryl Sutter award


Editors Note:You will notice i did not use a common method when describing contract length and price/caphit. It's cause I'm too damn lazy to do it that precisely.

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