Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Goal That Ended It All

I was never much into conspiracy theories until last night. Always thought that people were moral and just and that those theories were just fun to think about.

That was before Whoressa's soccer goal last night. A blurb from Elliot Freidman

"Here’s what I do believe:

1. No referee wants to make the wrong call. Dan O’Halloran ruled it a goal because he honestly thought it was a goal. The best referees die inside when they

err, especially in a critical situation. Brad Watson blew one in the Anaheim-Detroit playoff series two years ago and it took him a year to get over it.

2. Replay is important. It should be about getting the call right. That’s it. And after watching that last night, the system doesn’t work. There’s no other way to put it.

Let’s just look at it this way: How much was on the line with that call?

What’s a home playoff date worth in Chicago, Calgary and Dallas? How much money does Chicago make or Dallas-Calgary lose in playoff revenue?"

Even Ty Conklin says that there was a conspiracy. “(The Blackhawks are) probably going to make it into the playoffs anyways, but do we really have to make it that obvious that the league wants them in? They’re going to get in anyways,” Conklin told reporters after the game. “It was a close play, but the puck never crossed the line. I was sitting there watching it, and I knew it wasn’t over.”

THat goal was complete bullshit. Absolutely horseshit and cow shit and every other shit you can think of. Seriously, Whoressa tried to kick it in, it went off the post, he tried to swipe it with the stick and missed and it went horizontally across the goalline and there is no evidence that it crossed. INCONFUCKINGCLUSIVE YOU HEAR THAT TORONTO FUCK OFF

They are saying that Hossa got a piece of it with his stick. Really? If you had literally blown really hard the puck would've crossed the line. If you had gotten a piece of wood on it, it'd be buried in the mesh, not floating along the line. Seriously.

It's clear Bettman told the people in Toronto that he wanted Chicago in and not Dallas or Calgary and they obeyed. Seriously - these dumbasses can't even get suspension right and they can't even get video reviews right even with fucking HD video. FUCK OFF


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