Saturday, April 9, 2011

Other Noteable Mentions for the Darryl Sutter Award

Don Waddell of the atlanta thrashers/ future winnipeg jet. now the winnipeg jets are going to have to keep paying byfuglien 5 million for the next 5 years. when all hes gonna do is turn into the worst power forward bum in the league. we'll see what he ends up doing with ladd, this will be his dealbreaker.

rating 4

garth snow in nyi. hes just very cheap and he has to start spending more money. he made up for it with a good steal on grabner who made only a million dollars this season but score almost 30 times. he still has to deal with the aftermath of rick dipietro.

rating 6

Brian Burke. Komisarek at 4.5 multi year was a pretty bad signing. but finding a way to get rid of koivu and has 4 million was a good move. reimer and kadri look like very good caliber prospects that will emerge out of the brian burke era. kessel was a bad signing because it cost them seguin and another good first rounder, and two second rounders, and they could use all of those things in the long run because they are still developing. a big determining factor for burke this offseason will be to see if he can get clarke macarthur to take a paycut to stay in TO and avoide arbitration.

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