Thursday, October 28, 2010

Changin the NHL

The most obvious change in the NHL is ramping up shootouts to 5 players, but that has been discussed by Hal for years so we'll leave that for another day.

The NHL should change the NHL entry level contract system. Right now Faylor Hall is sucking bigass balls and if Oil management were smart, they would send him down to the OHL so he doesn't start this 3 year contract after 9 games. However, sending Faylor back to the OHL is useless because he won't develop much. He will just rip apart the league and score 150 points, but probably won't be that beneficial.

However, if the Oil keep hall after 9 games but send him to the AHL, he will still start his 3 year contract. For sure he will develop, but it's kind of hindering the team.

I think they should be able to send these under 20 year olds to the AHL WITHOUT it counting toward their entry level contract. That would help all parties.

Wait, did I just suggest something that would help the Oilers?

Fuck you Oil, your team sucks.


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