Thursday, October 28, 2010

What the long rest does for canucks?

Another defenseman got injured for the Canucks. Andrew NHlbert, injured his knee this week. The canucks next game is on monday. If Alberts does sit it out the canucks will not have to call up another defenseman because Hamhuis is supposed to be back in the lineup. If Alberts can play that means Parent might be sent down to the Moose (or it might be better to hold onto him for when the next canucks defenseman goes down momentarily). If Parent did go down to the Moose he would compliment an already amazing defense which has seen Kevin Connaughton and Lee Sweatt leading the Moose so far in goals this season, each scoring more than Schroeder, Hodgson and Shirokov combined.

Burrows is also supposed to be back next week after all this rest. Not on the Monday game however it is more likely that he will be back against the oilers on november 2nd.

with ballard's concussion we have to expect he will be out longer. At least this gives him more time to rest his knee which had surgery in the off season. When Ballard comes back he will be ready to go for a long haul for the rest of the season.

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