Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thought on the Phaneuf Trade

This trade works out well for the Flames. Phaneuf was overpaid for the numbers he was putting up. They were paying him just as much as Iggy. When Sutter signed him it was his best season. He was even nominated for the norris trophy. But Phaneuf was always overated because he played in Calgary. The media built him up to be the next Chris Pronger way too prematurely. This year he wasn't even good enough to make the cut to Team Canada.

-n return the Flames get Hagman. He has put up 20 goals so far in Toronto which is a pretty amazing feat considering how bad they have played. Hagman will put more pressure on Jokinen to step up because god knows dawes and langkow are not doing that.

Overall its a good trade for the Flames. It frees up such much needed salary cap. It definitely isn't a sign that the flames are throwing the towel in for the season. Rather that they are picking up the slack.

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