Friday, January 29, 2010

Prime Time Baby

Haven't made a blog post in a while so I'll make this short and sweet. Lots of ramblings that I need to get past

Flames have been on a slump but I'm not worried, it's nine in a row but Vancouver went on a lengthy losing streak last year and ended up winning the division. Pittsburgh was out of the playoff picture around this time and ended up winning the cup. I'm pretty sure Calgary will pull through so there is no need to press the panic button, although if we lose to Edmonton this Saturday, then there will be a legitimate call for concern. HOWEVER, from the beginning of the season I always doubted that the Flames could put up a ton of goals and was surprised at the production during the first 20-30 games. I think this is probably the Flames actual potential and the forwards were on a hot streak at the beginning of the season. I don't know if people noticed but even during our five game winning streak before this losing streak we were only beating teams 2-1 or 3-2, which I guess is textbook Sutter hockey. There is no need to panic, but that brings me to my next point.

I think the worst part of the Flames organization, other than letting Bertuzzi walk and trading Kobasew away for a couple of shitty rentals, is their scouting. In the past 15 years, there hasn't been a draft pick by the Flames to score more than 50 points in a season other than Dion Phaneuf. He's the only one. Look it up. It's pathetic. I mean we're not talking about practice, we talking about the game, 50 points isn't superstar or even all-star, or even first line, that's like ... 2nd liner material. You're saying in 15 years we haven't drafted a single person in 7 rounds to get more than 50 points? All the good teams seem to have a stock pile of young talent (Chicago, Philly, Washington holy fuck ovechkin is blood doping , I mean, even Pittsburgh seems non threatening since they only have two superstars)

That being said, Flames haven't had a top 5 pick so maybe that's why we don't have any offensive studs in our system. Like Kane and Toews were drafted 1, 5 ... OVechkin 1, Crosby (1) , Malkin (2) ... so all these teams sucked real hard for a long time and got their picks which is the bitch way of doing it.

But then look at PHilly. They get Jeff Carter at 11 and Mike Richards at (24). Getzlaf(19), Parize ( 17) the list goes on and on and don't even get started with Detroit because the only reason why they have been competitive for so long is smart management and fucking Datsyuk boggles my mind. If I actually did research I could name every single team in the league that has drafted a 50 point forward in the last 15 years. I'll buy you a 10 piece chicken mcnuggets meal if I cant. Prove me wrong Adam.

My last point in my rant is about Dion Phaneuf. Whatever you do Sutter, don't trade this mahf unless he is banging Conroy's wife and it's causing shit in the locker room. I want to chode kick everyone who wants Kolvachuk to come to Calgary. Yeah, it'd be cool for 10 minutes until you realize that you gave up Phaneuf, Jokeanin (which would actually be a favor), Boyd (meh), and a first(fakkkkkkkkkk) for a rental player that wouldn't fit the system, is playing in the West where he would get owned, and would jet the moment summer came. Also, Phaneuf is still a pretty valuable asset. I mean, he's still young and we've signed him long term, I don't get why everyone wants him to get the fuck out. We have a lot of shittier players on our team that shouldn't be there other than a young defenseman. I heard something about maybe trading for Jeff Carter which would be cool. I'd like that trade if Jeff was signed to a contract but I'm too lazy to actually look if he is.

Anyways if you got bored of reading I don't blame you because I'm just ranting like a crazy person. My three points

Flames will be OK unless they lose to Edmonton on Saturday January 30, 2010
Flames suck at drafting
Don't trade Phaneuf


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