Sunday, January 31, 2010

Take on the Phaneuf Trade - Part II

Well ... that was fucked. Congratulation all you Phaneuf haters, you pretty much drove him out of town.

I dunno what to think of this trade. Maybe it's good just cause everyone hated Phaneuf except Hosh and myself.

Short term this trade makes sense. Now instead of having a borderline 2nd line , two third lines, and a pathetic forth line to a team with two second lines, a third line, and a pathetic forth line.

Hopefully these guys can learn our system and still produce, but everyone knows the East is weaksauce.
Apparently Ian White is a RFA, and Hagman is signed for a couple years. Stajan is a UFA and could possibly walk. There is some other reject in this trade that isn't even worth mentioning because he is gone. So by the end of the season , unless we go on a lengthy cup run or win the cup, we traded Phaneuf for cap room, White, and Hagman. I think that is pretty shitty.

I hope Phaneuf rips it up in Toronto. Good luck


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