Friday, April 3, 2009

Rick the Ripper and a Peak into Kipper's Role as Mentor for Dion Phaneuf

Rick (the Ripper) Rypien is probably the most injured person in professional sports... even worse than Erik Johnson. For the past three years he has missed the majority of the season. last year he had a bad groin injury. this year he had a hernia and an undisclosed viral infection (I'm thinking its the same infection that gaborik gave demitra... the gift that keeps on giving).

But Rick the Rippper is having a spectacular season so far. In his 6 shots on goal this season, Rick the Ripper has 2 goals, both goals coming against the flames during the back to back matchup at the start of the season. Ripper has a lot of heart. His dad is a boxer and despite the Ripper's small size he is willing to fight some tough opponents... which explains why he gets injured so often.

This is a fight he had last night with sheldon brookbank. hockey fights dot com has 90% of people saying rypien won and 2% of people saying brookbank won. take that ducks fans.

In other more startling news, it seems that kipper's obsession with strippers and cigarettes is slowly starting to rub off on phaneuf. this photo was taken at the calgary strip club 'the french maid'. If you consider that phaneuf and kipper have been the two biggest underperformers of the season for the flames, maybe their battle with a nicotene addiction can explain their recent faltering.

hopefully keenan buckles down and gets these guys back on the right track. For all the children readers of the BOWC, we would just like to say that we endorse strippers, strip clubs and strip poker, as long as there is no cigarettes involved. Going to the strip club is a much better way to look cool than smoking.



  1. Firstly, I'm pretty sure this is in Cowboys.
    Secondly this picture is over two years old. So it would have been taken when both Kipper and Phaneuf were still good.
    Thirdly I'm pretty sure Kipper is lighting his cig off of his last one...LOL

  2. I'm pretty sure Kipper would be awful if he quit smoking. He's usually so calm and unshakable, I bet he uses smoking to help him relax. And really, I think a lot of goalies in general need bad habits to keep themselves from going mad.

  3. What's who's DFT? Discrete Fourier Transform?

  4. Mikka has been smoking almost two packs a day since he was 13 and it has not ever affected his performace. What the writter stated in this article is very iggnorant and incorrect.
    You make absolutly no attampt to hide your bias. Another example is Mike Cammalleri who also is a regular smoker and he leads the Canadians in scoring this year. Smoking does effect your endurance but I do not believe it impacts the way you play in any way.