Thursday, April 2, 2009

There's trouble in Eternia...

So I was listening to the Fan960 the other day and they had a guy on whose name I now regret not having paid attention too. Anyway given that he was talking to Mike Richards the conversation naturally turned to "If you had a sling shot which had some deadly nut in it, and were at a Celine Dion concert, would you take that shot?" Anyway the guy said that no he wouldn't, he would take out her husband because it is his gambling problem that is forcing her to keep singing for the rest of her life to pay for his debts. Going for the source of the evil as it were. I guess that was the lead in to Mike's next question, "If Mats Sundin were at that same concert, would you go for him instead?" And the other guy said "Absolutely, I would never pass up an opportunity to take out Skeletor". At first I was skeptical, but I thought about it some more, and it made perfect sense. Mats Sundin actually is Skeletor. Look at this split image of Mats Sundin at the tournament he participated in last year on the left, and Skeletor on the right.

There is definitely something to that. The hood is a dead giveaway. Also, Mats needs to start brushing his teeth. But this just made the stakes way higher. Not only do the Flames have to win the Stanely Cup for the good of the city, they have to do it for the good of the world. If Skeletor gets his hands on the cup he will unlock its power and become more dangerous than aids and cancer combined, times a thousand. Luckily, the Flames have the one man in the world powerful enough to defeat Skeletor. Olli Jokinen.



  1. thank you for stating that the canucks are even a threat to win the cup. i appreciate it.

  2. It can no longer be denied unfortunately. Flames will still win though.