Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Plan: Lose

The Flames obviously are having pretty serious problems right now. You can't lose 4-0 to Minnesota and deny that. All I can think is they must be worn down mentally and physically. Definitely Kipper must be tired because he is physically incapable of playing consecutive games well right now. So, I say forget about winning the northwest. Lets rest Kipper and guys like Iggy and Langkow, and lose the last few games on our own terms. If we do it right it'll work out great because we definitely don't want to wind up in fifth playing Chicago; they always beat us. So I say the Flames should go for a losing streak so epic, they wind up in sixth playing Vancouver. At least with the rivalry you know the Flames will play a good series against them. Hmm... did I just invent a new kind of fan-tanking?


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