Sunday, April 5, 2009

Calgary Flames: The Movie

There have been rumblings in Hollywood lately of a joint picture from Universal, Paramount, Warner Bros, MGM, and Columbia Pictures on making a Calgary Flames movie following their Stanley Cup victory.

The plot is still under development, but it seems to follow the Calgary Flames throughout their 2008-2009 playoff run and the heartfelt win at the end. It is says to incorporate gritty hockey, emotional drama, and moments that will make a grown man cry. It has expectations to become the greatest sports movie ever made, even better than Teen Wolf.

Christopher Nolan was chosen as the Director. He has directed such films as : Memento, The Prestige, Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight.

Casting is still in the process. However, there have been a few confirmed, and rumored.

Will Smith has been confirmed to play as Jarome Iginla. Originally, Denzel Washington was gunning for the position, but studio executives believed that Will's skin complexity was better suited with Iginlas.

Jon Favearu, the director of Ironman and star of Swingers, has been confirmed to play Mike Cammaleri

As well, Tom Jane is confirmed to play the big Todd Bertuzzi

Bruce Willis has all but signed on to play Finnish Star, Olli Jokinen

Kurt Russell has signed to play Flames GM Darryl Sutter,

Last but not least, Elizabeth Hurley is confirmed to play Conroy's hot wife

Many players such as Conroy, Langkow, Phaneuf, and Kiprusoff are still in the midst of casting. THere are rumors that Conroy will play as Langkow, and Langkow will play as Conroy.

The budget is set at 450 million.

Special Note: During a Flashback sequence of the 2004 playoff run, Brad Pitt will make a cameo appearance as superstar forward, Chuck Kobasew.



  1. Number of shirtless men: 2
    Number of shirtless women: 0

    Not that Brad Pitt and Tom Jane aren't dead sexy, but at least give Elizabeth Hurley the same treatment.

  2. She doesn't do shirtless, i tried. I guess I should have gotten a bikini pictures

  3. Topless women on this site is a good idea. i kinda set the precedent the other day with my florida panters video. so the BOWC supports bottomless beers and topless women. And bottomless women, but not topless beers because that would not be possible.

    could we hire joe pesci to play gary bettman?