Saturday, April 16, 2011

why the canucks can win game 3

Torres is back and that adds to the physicality of the team. we have already almost outhit chicago by 40 hits this series.

plus luongo knows he didn't play great in game 2, and will want to answer the bell in chicago. there will be less distractions in chicago as well, and less expectations by fans about a deep playoff run. canucks will be able to focus on their game, and worry about playing the type of hockey they need to play to win.

plus chicago is injured as fuck. bolland wont be back, keopecky went down in game 1, bickell went down in game 2, hossa went down but kept on playing. bad news for the canucks is sameulsson ran into another canuck in practice on thursday. he did not play a lot of hockey down the stretch. obviously fighting some kind of abdominal or other upper body injury. we don't miss samuelsson if he plays the type of hockey he played for most of this season. but if he can play the way he did last playoffs where he got 8 goals in twelve games, then i would like sameulsson back.

i really think we should have sent hodgson back to manitoba. its too late now, obviously hodgson will play game 3. it was proved the moose needed him yesterday in their loss to lake eerie. plus hodgson is going to become a defensive liability back in chicago, when the blackhawks get first change.

maybe not, maybe hodgson can play awesome hockey and limit the scoring chances of chicago. surely he can play better than the 4th line we put against the hawks two years ago: rypien-johnson-hordichuk.

oh how times have changed for the better! and mike gillis will probably pull off some more great free agent signings.


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