Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why the Canucks Can't Win The Cup

Vancouver is currently steam rolling the Blackwhores. But what if Vancouver wins the cup? The whole world will implode. Here are 10 reasons why we can't let Vancouver win

1) Burrows would have a Cup ring before Iggy.
2) Maxim Lappiere would have a Cup ring before Iggy
3) There are more Euros on Vancouver than any playoff NHL team other than Detroit - how is this cheering for Canada?
4) Vancouver has the 3rd most obnoxious fans in Canada - behind Montreal and Toronto followed by Vancouver*
5) If they win, we can't laugh at the Bobby Poo contract anymore
6) If they win this year, they could very well do it again next year.
7) They have a hair puller and an Olympic diver on their roster
8) Calgary can no longer say, at least we have a cup
10) The only good thing if the Canucks won is that the city won't be rioted and looted like the hooligans they are


*and tied with Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa

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