Saturday, April 2, 2011


Tonights game against the Oilers has virtually nothing on the line for the Canucks, considering they have already clinched the Presidents Trophy.

However Vigneault claims that tonight is about playing the type of hockey you need to play in order to do well in the Playoffs. We'll see if the Canucks are able to bring their "A" game, or if they will take a page out of the Habs book and shutdown until playoffs.

Tonight will be a good night for the Canucks to gauge Yann Sauve. He has played really well in Manitoba and has a lot more offensive upside than Tanev. He will be paired with Keith Ballard so hopefully the two of them won't have too many defensive blunders. While Ballard hasn't done too much to earn his 4.25 million, he has been extremely influential in helping out the rookie players that the Canucks have called up from the minors this season. Ballard has often been paired with the newbies and so many of them have come up this season and shown confidence. So far Lee Sweatt, Tanev and Sauve have shown a lot of promise for next season with the help of Ballard.

Ballard still has a lot of time to turn it around and start showing some offensive upside. Whether it happens this season or next, Canucks fans will soon find out.


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