Sunday, April 3, 2011

Life Support

The Flames beat the Avalanche 2-1 tonight and I had the pleasure to watch this game. Flames had a pretty solid third period, but they didn't show much desperation throughout the night as if they have already given up hope. If it wasn't for Kipper holding the fort in the 2nd period, the Flames surely would have lost. He probably made half a dozen great saves and scrambles and kept them in the game. On another note, Erik Johnson is a bum. He had three MAJOR turnovers in his own end trying to clear the puck. If I was Joe Sacco I'd sac him right in the nads. Chicago also lost so the Flames still have the life support, although their heart rate is dropping fast and are in comatose and their IV drip is running out and the nurses and doctors are understaffed and overworked and they got struck with antibiotic resistance bacteria. GO FLAMES GO -Hal

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  1. Hopefully in the post season they won't just stick another bandaid on that corpse