Sunday, April 3, 2011

NHL: "N"umbskulls write "H"eadlines while "L"icking their balls and they also wrote this headline isn't it so clever

A few headlines from over the last few days: "Kippin' the faith" (insert Carlos Mencia style retard sounds- always classy), "Feel the Roth" - haha get it cause the Sabers have this guy on their team named EnROTH, and he apparently had a good game, so it's like the other team felt his wrath. See cause wrath and roth are kind of similar. They almost ryhme and stuff. And if that didn't already blow your fucking brains out with the brilliance of its masterful wordsmithing, yesterday they had "Permanent Mark-er". Again, kinda similar but no less clever, they had this guy whose name is Mark and he played pretty well and scored a goal so I guess that leaves a permanent mark on the stats sheet or something? Hahaha holy fuck I just saw an even better one "Up in the Rib-eir-o" CAUSE THE FUCKING WORD "AIR" IS IN HIS NAME DON'T YOU FUCKING GET IT?!!! FUCKING CHRIST

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