Monday, April 4, 2011

Everything you need to know about hockey Today

Vincent Lecavlier may have got his eyeball scratched yesterday against the Blackwhores. The little blackwhore that did it pretended like nothing happened at all. You gotta have a little more respect then that when you high stick Vinny Lecavlier. Any player with half an ounce of dignity would have gone straight to the box. With eye injuries, you never know when a player could return. Canucks shut Malhotra down immediately for the rest of the season, but Lecavlier could be back soon as it wasn't as bad and didn't draw nearly as much blood. Although the Lightning coach did say that he had blood in his eyeball just like Malhotra.

It's not like the Bolts need Lecavlier anyway. He has been a sub-par player for two consecutive seasons and he will be one of those overpaid looming bums that got fortunate enough to get a ridiculous contract. Not even the Montreal Canadiens want him at this point.

In other news, Flames fans everywhere are trying to find the bandwagon again after hopping off a week ago. Unfortunately Iginla is currently using the bandwagon to shop around for new teams to play on next season.

If the flames win the remainder of their games they will have 95 points. Blackwhores have two more games left against detroit, which I am guessing will both go in the loss column because it's about time Detroit starts picking it up.

Also whatever team finishes seventh will upset Detroit this year. Detroit is playing too poorly down the stretch, and they have too many uncertainties with injuries. Plus they have been outplayed every step of the way by Anaheim, Nashville, Chicago which is starting to prove that the West is a very deep conference this year.


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