Saturday, April 2, 2011

Iggy joins the 1000 point club

Congrats Iggy on getting 1000 points last night on April 1, 2011!

He is now only 1 goal away from hitting the 40 goal mark after an absolutely dreadful start to the season. As great as Iggy has been playing, I think that playing with Alex Tanguay all year long as really helped him. Hopefully he can continue pushing on if Tangs decides to leave in the offseason.

On a purely selfish note, I wanted him to get his 1000th point in Denver when I am there on Sunday so I could have seen it live and chanted IGGY IGGY IGGY. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers.

The Flames have increased their playoff chances to 0.8% according to NHLclubstats

What a roller coaster ride of a season.

So with the Flames pretty much out, I call upon FLAMES NATION to jointly take all your anger, sorrow, despair, hatred, and all negative emotions you feel after this season and direct it upon the Vancouver Canucks. Those little bitches can't win a Cup. If they do, the Vancouverites who have infested our great city will never let us hear the end of it.

"Oh, but I want Canada to get the cup" you say. Well I say "50% of all players are Canadian so it doesn't even matter, and we just won the most important Gold Medal Olympic game in the history of the entire universe. Vancouver probably has the LEAST amount of Canadians on their active roster anyways, so if you are truly patriotic, you will cheer AGAINST them.

Seriously, they can't. They got to lose. I don't care what round, I don't care against who, but I will be cheering like a mahf on Barry Bonds' steroids for the opposing team.

I'm not disrespecting Canucks are a team, since they are clearly very good. #1 goals scored, goals against, PP, top goaltender, already locked down presidents trophy when nobody in the west has even locked down a playoff spot; they have had a superb season.

Which makes it all the more fun if they get bounced in the first round.

Maybe I'm on crack like Theo though.


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