Friday, April 1, 2011

Clifford and Doughty Hits

In retrospect, I have seen a better angle on the Doughty hit and it is clear that it is not a hit to the head. It was still a blindside hit, however Doughty will definitely not be suspended.

The Clifford hit is most definitely dirty. Out of respect for Tanev I do not want to post a video of it on this blog. Clifford should get a couple game suspension out of this. He checked Tanev headfirst into the boards. It is clear now that by the NHL trying to reduce concussions, they have placed too much emphasis on blindside hits to the head, and not enough to other dirty plays that cause concussions, like checks from behind. Matt Cooke's hit was not very much dirtier than Kyle Clifford's, but Cooke is gone for a very long time. NHL will have to readjust this in the offseason.


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