Friday, April 1, 2011

An Apology to Flames Fans

Ken King issued a statement today appologising to flames fans for the past two seasons. In particular, he appologised for the ineffective offseason evaluation last summer, which produced more of the same result this season. Ken King acknowledged that the Flames still mathematically could make the playoffs, but stated that it was time to be honest. "It isn't fair to our fans that this team continues to play to such a consistently mediocre level each year. This city deserves a contender."

It's about fucking time. Ken King also said that over the summer a commitee would be formed specifically to evaluate the performance of everyone on the team, from players to scouts to coaches. This committee will be headed by fan favourite Craig Conroy, but would include other hockey experts close to the team but not paid by the team. As well, fan input would be considered carefully in the form of questionaries sent out to season ticket holders and online polls.

Ken King finished his statement by stating, very eloquently,


April fools...

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