Thursday, March 31, 2011

Canucks Win Presidents Trophy

No surprise Here. The Canucks had this thing on lockdown. Lets Celebrate it for the night and then move on from it. Canucks have to make sure that they keep their focus on going far in the playoffs, and got get caught up with the small celebrations on the way to Lord Stanley.

The Canucks/Kings Game got really out of hand tonight. The refs were letting a lot of things go early on and throughout the game, and it culminated in Kyle Clifford hitting Chris Tanev into the boards from behind. Clifford was frustrated because his team was down a goal and they couldn't muster a single shot in the entire third period. Clifford fucked over his team by taking a 5 minute major late in the game ensuring his team stood no chance of coming back. It was a really bad play on his part, especially because how dirty it was. Tanev was definitely concussed on the play and did not return to the game.

The other bad hit of the night was on Danel Sedin's second goal. At the same time as getting a shot to the head, Daniel Sedin scores a goal. Talk about taking the hit to make the play. Doughty was out of line and you don't make that kind of hit against a superstar in the league. He also should go for the puck and try and stop Daneil from shooting (Doughty played terrible tonight singlehandedly causing the Canucks first two goals). Doughty has to alter that hit so he takes Daneil's body and not his head. This is what the NHL is trying to get rid of. Of course the NHL won't make an example out of Doughty because they don't care about the safety of their players. That has become clear from the Bertuzzi hit the other day. Watch the video of the Sedin goal and the subsequent headshot on Daniel. Vote on our suspension poll.


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