Saturday, April 30, 2011

How the Jets will survive

Canadian fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Winnipeg Jets. Edmonton fans especially. To be honest, although we all want to see them back, nobody will want to play there. Oiler management can now say to their players "oh you want a trade? how about to Winnipeg" as leverage.

That's the truth. I'm sure Winnipeg is a nice city and still better than a few American cities, i.e Detroit, Buffalo, but they will have trouble attracting free agents.

However, as the Jets build through the draft like Edmonton, and eventually turn themselves into a contender (hopefully), then people who WANT to win will want to play there. It's like Detroit. That place is the shithole of the States, yet they can still get FA based on their reputation and perennial eliteness. What makes it better are that the people who want to play are the players that are intrinsically built with heart.

Players like Mike Richards, Jonathan Toews, Crosby, Iggy, even fag Kesler, would not care where they were at if they had a chance to win the cup and THOSE are the type of players you want on your team. You don't want a little bitch Bryzgalov or Semin that would rather wear shorts to the rink and care about the nightlife, than some beast who trains all offseason to get better. The guys who are motivated to win are the ones you want on yoru team.

It's like a positive feedback - if you start contending, then the players you will attract will have more drive and more heart to win , which produces more winning.

The only problem is getting to that point.


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