Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Manitoba Moose and canucks update

Moose News

The Manitoba Moose won 2-1 in Double Ot last night. Bliznak scored the late ot goal and Desbiens tied it up with 2 minutes left. Someone named Gabriel Dumont scored for Hamiltion, who is know tied 2-2 with Manitoba, and the next game being played in Winnipeg.

Looks like Phoenix will be staying in Phoenix. Gary Bettman must really want hockey there. Maybe he plans on retiring in Phoenix one day. I think Gary Bettman really likes going to Phoenix.

The good news is that Atlanta sounds like it will be moving. This is good news for everyone except Vancouver fans, who will now have to see Dustin Byfyglien six times a season because it is rumoured Winnipeg will be in the NW Division. Some possible movements would be:

vancouver into the pacific division (this would only happen if phoenix moved, because there would be a hole in the pacific division.

Colorado goes to the Pacific Division, Dallas moves to SE Division, which would be the hole left by the thrashers. Dallas is just as close to Florida and Tampa Bay as it is to LA and Phoenix.

The AHL is also helping out the chances of Winnipeg landing an AHL team, by not putting any pressure on the Moose to declare if they will be playing in Winnipeg this year. The owner of the AHL is such a selfless guy and so awesome! I really wish he was commisioner of the NHL, however Gary BEttman approved his own multi-year extension back in December.

What the AHL comissioner is doing, is allowing the second most profitable franchise in the AHL (Winnipeg, second to only the Hershey Bears) to try an expand themselves into a more profitable organization. He is giving every opportunity for the owners of the Moose and the Investors of that team, to leave the AHL if they wish and make more money off the pursuits of an NHL team.

Canucks News

Canuck's have dominated this series. Nashville is lucky not to be down 3-0. At the same time Vancouver has shown an inability to finish. Peka Rinne has played spectacular, at the same time some of the canucks have to take responsibility for not capitalizing on their scoring chances. Case in point, Kevin Bieksa. The defensive pinch is supposed to be one of the Canucks key assets. However Bieksa has to play a little more aggressively on this play, it's in OT for Christs sake. I know he's timid of peka Rinne, but it seems like he's bowing in the footsteps of Rinne, when he flubs a shot at a wide open net, right into Rinne. There's a possibility that Bieksa is trying to shoot the puck under Rinne but it got off of him. But still Bieksa, you have so much open net and you decide to shoot it there! what were u thinking? Maybe you are not the clutch playoff player that you began to seem to be in the third round.

There's a lot of talk about how the Sedin's are being shut down. What's not being talked about is how the Canucks are shutting down Weber. Zero points so far in three games and Lou is seeing a lot of his shots from the point. First one to breakthrough out of the combo of Sedin and Weber will win game 4.


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