Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vancouver Canucks vs. Nashville Predators

This will be a good series. Everyone will make a big deal about Rinne vs. Luongo, although I think this series will be about offense. The Sedin's, after being shut down by the Blackhawks, will be looking to up their game against the Predators. It's likely they will see a lot of Shea Weber, however this could leave more room for Kesler to step up. Plus kesler will be shutting down the likes of Mike Fisher and Sergei Kositsyn rather than Toews, Kane and Sharp. This offers much more room for offence on kesler's end.Also, the Canucks defense need to start hitting the net more. I can't count the number of times Edler and Erhoff missed the net this series or had their shots blocked. It is s about time defense started taking quality shots at the opposing teams net. I think the Canucks might be able to finish this one off early.


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