Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Burrows 4 Conn Smythe

It was an ironic title. Lets not get ahead of ourselves, we could barely get by the first round.

That being said, the Canucks did win game seven with a roller coaster of a story for burrows. First he scores 2 minutes into the game. Then he misses a penalty shot early in the third.... thats when his tide started to turn. Then late in the game, shorthanded, he coughs the puck up to toews who eventually inserts it into the back of the net, to tie it up for the Hawks. Then in overtime he puts the canucks shorthanded, forcing luongo to make the most important save of his career. Following that, he shoots it top corner over crawford. It's still unclear whether Campoli tipped the shot, or if it went straight in off of burrows stick. Either way, Alex Burrows is starting to look a whole lot like Pavel Bure.


Burrows post game:

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