Saturday, March 26, 2011

theoren Fleury

yesterday fleury said that regardless of who the canucks play they will lose in the first round of the playoffs. what a fucking idiot this guy is! hes going to look so stupid when the canucks win the cup. after he said this canucks nation got together and raided his twitter. some of the best comments were:

TKs_tweets @TheoFleury14 go do a line of blow ya fuckin flamer, hows your asshole. canucks hockey bitch

cmseahawks86 @TheoFleury14 maybe you should have kept your mouth shut you little crackhead twerp. You sounded 10 beers deep on team1040

@TheoFleury14 It takes no class to spew what you just said. What kind of pathetic person are you?

@TheoFleury14 please don't paint us all with the same brush. I respect your opinion and am a big fan of yours.

Just wondering what is with all the @theofleury14 bashing on here. People are fucking gutless. Give the man a break. #


  1. Fleury started the bashing. Why target Lou well saying nice things about Miller? What cup does Miller own and how far has he gone in the playoffs? I think he just wants to be talked about for whatever reason. Get on with it man other then a few lost souls you don't matter anymore. Get over yourself and get a job you Hard worker.

  2. Fleury does have a job. he deals crack to minors outside the five and dime.