Friday, March 25, 2011

Which team is Worse? The Montreal Canadiens or the Calgary Flames

Sure the Canadiens are in a playoff spot. But I am still a little bit unsure about them. Last year they surprised a lot of people in the league when they upset Pittsburgh and Washington. And even though there goaltending is much better in this years regular season than lasts, I still have a feeling that Habs fans are going to be thoroughly disappointed this off season. In arguable two of the biggest games for the Habs all season they have shown up flat. Once at the Winter Classic, and then again last night in an attempt to avenge Pacciorretti. Cammalerri is starting to become another washed up overpaid bum on the Bleu and Rouge Roster. He is making terrible first passes and causing terrible turnovers in the offensive zone. Last night he was a -4 not including the 5 on 3 shorthanded goal that got scored against the Habs while he was on the ice.

On the otherhand we have the Calgary Flames. Calgary is only two points behind the Montreal Canadieans, only Calgary is out of a playoff spot. The Flames have had good goaltending from Kipper for most of the season and Iginla is on pace to score 35 goals yet again. The Flames have lost 6 of their past 7 games, mostly against teams that are also fighting for a playoff spot in the West. They are unable to out-battle their opposition and for that reason they will be missing the playoffs for the second straight year.

It goes to show the disparity in the two conferences. Habs Fans in the East are saying what a wonderful season they are having after already having locked down a playoff spot. On the other hand Flames fans are angry yet again over the inconsistent play the Flames have shown all year round.

My vote goes for the Habs being the worse of the two teams. The Flames have a consistent goal scorer in Iginla which the Habs lack. The Habs have the edge in goaltending but only slightly considering Kiprusoff is having a slightly off season. and on defence you have to give it to the Flames because the Habs defense was pieced together from Pick-a-Part. All in all, maybe the Winnipeg Jets should try and get into the Eastern Conference when they join the NHL because it is clear the East is a much weaker conference.


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