Saturday, March 26, 2011

Flames Offseason Moves

If the Flames fail to make the 2011 playoffs, there will probably be a major overhaul in the organization. For one thing, two of our key members : Tanguay and Glencross, are UFAs and one can expect them to a) Ask for a pay increase and b) Decent contract extension 3-4 years. I'm not sure we have the money to do that.

Assuming we don't re-sign these two players;
In the 2011/2012 Season our top Forwards will be

1) Iginla
2) Jokinen
3) Bourque
4) Langkow
5) Giordano

Giordano isn't even a forward but our team would be so pathetic that he would still be the 5th best forward.

At least we will have Steve "Pylon" Staois off the books. However, I don't think Flames should go out for any A-list free agents this summer. Keep it simple, stupid and grab some decent cheap plugs for the time being.

The 2012/2013 season is when Langkow, Sarich, Jokinen, Kotareek, Fagman all come off the books. We will have so much room that summer to go and splurge/splooge on free agents and help build a contender.

Wow actually have you seen the 2011 UFA List? As predicted by BoWC two years ago - the free agent crop has withered because of long contracts and is actually the most depressing thing I have ever seen. The only major star is Brad Richards, but we all know he will suck next year anyways.

I say the Flames sign David Backes. He'd be a good fit on our team : 3 years at 3 million. Do it.
Chuck Kobasew is a UFA. I will be routing for him to resign to become the superstar he was projected to be in NHL 2005.


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  1. no chance on backes for 3 million a season. if anyone is going to snag him he's gonna fetch in the 5 million dollar range. he's a kesler type afterall.

    your analysis is good but you fail to offer any solution to the flames woes for next year. essentially you are already throwing in the towel for the 2011-2012 season.