Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Brad Richards is a money grubbing bitch

That's right, we said it here first at BOWC.

Everyone is having a jerkfest over the soon-to-be-traded Brad Richards. Rumor has it he may go to the Kings or possibly Toronto or NY. As TSN describes him, he is the most 'coveted' player on the market.

He may be big, talented, and up until a few weeks ago, one of the NHLs top scorers. However, that doesn't deflect the fact that he is a money grubbing bitch.

Please take a look at Mr. Richard's career stats

What a great rookie year - 62 points, then steadily increases throughout the years eventually earning the Conn Smythe Trophy in the 2004 Stanley Cup Finals. Oh, but Brad isn't done yet ... look at his amazing 2005-2006 season with 91 points!!! That's near the top o the NHL.

But then what happened you ask? He signed his monstrous 38.5 million - 5 year contract with the Lightening.

He had his breakout season right when he KNEW he was going to get a lucrative deal.

Oh but that's probably a one off you say, he is still an elite player being paid almost 8 mil a year.

Look at his next four years: 70, 51, 59 points respectively with some injuries sprinkled in. THis is quite a significant drop for an 'elite forward'.

Although a bitch, Richards is smart. His career was dieing, everyone thought he sucked, but all of a sudden he bounces back in 2009-2010 with a 91 points season - tieing a career high. Notice how this is a full TWO YEARS before his contract expires.

He knows to start trying two years before so it looks like he's not fluking out and that he has actually bounced back. He had 63 points in 56 points this season as well, making sure to cement his status as an elite forward.

Whoever gets Richards at the deadline will be happy, he will perform well for them if he gets better from his concussion. However, the team that signs him in the offseason will be VERY dissapointed when they offer him another 8 million a year and he quits on his team. He's only in it for the money and next year he will get 70 points max. You heard it hear first from BOWC



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