Thursday, February 24, 2011

4 Days to Deadline Day

Kovalev gets traded to pens for a seventh round pick (conditional). talk about underselling. Pens GM Ray Sheroo must have sucked brian murrays dick or something. Not that Kovalevs gonna do anything, nut im sure the Sens fans thought they were gonna get more than a seventh for him.

Sopel and Dawes go to Habs for Maxwell and a fourth. what a joke of a trade! montreal recieves a bunch of bums. they give up a deep draft pick and Maxwell, who has played well for the Bulldogs and will probably be the best player in the deal. Anyone that watched Dawes on the Flames knows that he is useless and that's why he has been floating around the NHL for some time now. Sopel would have have been out of the league a long time ago until dale tallon fucked up and signed him to big money for the blackwhores. he never really did anything the entire time he played for the Hawks except the NAshville/hawks playoff series in 2010, but besides that he was a bust. thats why the hawks dumped his sloppy salary in the offseason and forced the Thrashers to take his salary off their hands in exchange for recieving Ladd and Bifugly. And now the Habs are stupid enough to trade for Sopel.

Theres talk in Vancouver that we are going to trade MayRay. I don't think its actually going to happen. 1) there wouldn't be a sizeable enough return in immediate worth for the canucks cause of his poor pay 2) canucks don't need draft picks this year because we have one in almost every round already. I guess you can never have too many draft picks but MayRay is the type of player that only comes up the vine every once in a while. a lot of first round picks never amount to half of what mayray has already accomplished in the NHL.

There's some canucks fans whining out there about how me miss Edler so much. Are you joking? that's the great thing about the canucks is that we are defensive leaders by committee. we have so many good defenders to throw into the mix that we are not supposed to be effected by defensive injuries. the reason of our recent struggles has been a combination of defensive injuries, second and third line underperformance, and only good goaltending by luongo not amazing.


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