Sunday, February 27, 2011

What Should Canuks do on Trade Deadline Day?

Mike Gillis said he does not want to trade Schneider or Hodgson. We have a lot of picks that we could move. There might be some roster players we could move. check out last nights lines that Alain Vigneault shook up halfway through the game.

raymond-hodge(shit)son- oreskovich.

Gillis bumped Raymond down and put Glass up on the second line. Glass played as well as you could have expected him to and created a few scoring chances and made a few big hits. Still, its Tanner Glass and we can't expect a fourth line guy to be on our second line (That's for the Calgary Flames to do, not the canucks).

Our defense is set, but we could use some extra help on the Second line. Brad Richards would be a good fit, because of contract length and available salary cap with all of our injuries. You would have to think we would offer Schneider, Raymond and a first round pick and get Richards and Raycroft back.

Another good trade would be to bring Gilbert Brule back to Vancouver. He played his best hockey here in the WHL as a giant. Maybe Raymond for Brule would suffice for the Tambourine Man in Edmonton.

Raymond for Hejduk is another possibility.

I would love for the Canucks to land Clarke Macarthur from Tornto. Unfortunately i dont think Burke would do it unless we offered up a good defender, and we don't have any that really that suitable for trading away to Toronto (either they are UFA's at the end of this season or they are signed long term). MAybe Ballard and a third for Aulie and Macarthur.

Scottie Upshall in Phoenix is another possibility. He's a UFA at the end of the season and for the CAnucks he could play on the fourth line.

Tim Connoly would be a nice pick up but we don't need anoher Center. I think Connoly could be had for a first round pick considering he's a UFA at seasons end.

The Canucks might also want to take a look at landing Brad Marchand from Boston. The Bruins don't have a lot of cap space to sign him after the season he has had this year. Canucks would have to offer up a lot in order to get him. Probably Hodgson and Raymond, but it would be worth it as far as immediate reward goes, as neither Hodgson or Raymond are capable of making valuable contributions beyond the fourth line.

Do you think that the Canucks could land Andrew Ladd from Atlanta? The thrashers might not mind having an easy out to pick another CAptain next year, after the way Atlanta has fallen apart midway this season. You have to wonder if the Blackhaks made a clause when they traded him to Atlanta that they were not allowed to trade him to Vancouver. He is an RFA at season end and i could see the thrashers leary to resign him considering how cheap they are, and having recently signed Bifugly to big money. Atlanta would want an enormous return for him, in fact we would probably have to part with something that would leave us wondering if the trade was really worth it. Likely Raymond a first, and a second. We could also trade Hodgson, who is desireable because he's signed for the next three years at a very affordable rate. After losing Clarke MAcarthur last year after playing the RFA game, the Thrashers are likely to trade away some of their RFA's this deadline day, rather than hold onto them and lose them without return come July. If Ladd doesn't move we could see Bogosian, wheeler or Stewart moved.

And last but not least we have the Anaheim ducks as potetial trade partners with Teemu Selanne. The St. Louis Blues had a system where they would trade away Weight, Tkachuk and Guerin every year only to have them come back the next summer. IF Anahieim could work this out with SElanee the Canucks could do Raymond and a third for Selanee.

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