Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Ramblings

The only real hole that the Canucks have to fill is to their fourth line. They have called up Cody Hodgson to try and fill an apparent void that exists on this line. If he is not able to do anything it will be apparent that canucks need to make a trade for a fourth liner. There is a lot of talk about Zenon Konopka however when it comes to fourth liners there are numerous opportunities.

According to Vigneault the starting lines for defence tonight will be :


You have to conclude that Vigneault is more worried about Hamhuis's recovery than Ballard. We all know Ehrhoff is a work-horse with his enormous minutes that he has put up all season long. Ballard is going to be tested tonight and hopefully the speedy canucks don't make him look bad. Hamhuis and Salo will also get some respectable minutes, but you would have to think not as much as the top pairing of ehrhoff and ballard.

The last time that the canucks lost to the HAbs at home was in the sedin's rookie season back in 2000. The Habs lost in edmonton 4-1 earlier in the week, and two nights ago they lost 4-0 against the flames. so far on this western swing they have lost 8-1. i feel really bad for all the Habs fans that have made the trip across Western Canada to watch the team. If the Habs lost tonight there will be a lot of angry Francophone's that are going to be flying out of YVC promising not to watch another Habs game all season.


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