Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kevin Bieksa goes from Indespensable to Dead Man Walking

Earlier in the season there was no point in trading Bieksa. All the other GM's were unsure of his potential because of the injuries that have kept his game total and point total down. Also because of the videos on youtube of game six versus Chicago where Bieksa is laying on his ass for three of the chicago goals.

But now that he has been fluking out and playing good, other teams might be willing to pay a price to take him for a playoff run. Say another team in the league that needs a highpower defenceman and has extra forwards to spare.

A team that really needs defense is San Jose and they might be willing to depart with Devin Set-o-hands. Numerous possibilities abound. All Gillis has to do is make sure to sell at the right moment, when it actually seems to the other team that Bieksa might be useful. Unfortunately, if you blink, you can miss these opportunities.


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