Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Ramblings

Vancouver Canucks Defenceman Alex Edler is out for a few months with a slipped disk in his back. This is a big blow to the Canucks who are losing their leading defenseman for playing time, goals, assists and hits. At the same time it frees up the salary cap space for Sami Salo to return. Edler should be back in time for the playoffs, where salary cap is never an issue.

Also, Alexander Semin has signed a one year contract extension with the Washington Capitals for nearly seven million. This is just one more sign of the poor management on part of the Washington Capitals. You don't resign someone, let alone give them a raise, when they havent scored a goal in two months. semins a bum and the Caps should have let some other GM overpay for him. I don't understand why they are making a team of inconsisten Europeans. They need to get more tough dependable Canadians that show up on a regular basis.


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