Sunday, January 23, 2011

Malholtra, Torres, Raymond and Samuelson will pick it up in Dallas

Dallas goalie kari lehtonen is 6-0-1 in his last seven starts. This is the perfect opponent for the Canucks who remember the bitter pain of having their undefeated streak ended. It will be the first game since that loss that the Canucks have played against a top caliber opponent. Dallas is leader of the pacific Division in the NW and will likely be competing with Vancouver for leaders in the Western Conference for the rest of the season.

The droughts go on for all the Canucks forwards besides the sedins and kesler. Remember that game that mason Raymond came back from injury and on the fourth line he scored a goal? Why has he gotten comfortable on the first line and thinks he doesn't need to score on a consistent basis. And Raffi Torres who has been traded the past few trade deadlines, is playing the same streaky hockey that he has become known for. Malholtra you can cut a little bit of slack because he does such a great job on the pk; but at the same time he has been taking some stupid penalties lately. The same goes with burrows whose stupid penalties havent cost the canucks too badly this season but its just a ticking time bomb. samuelson is by far the worst for stupid penalties. he cost us dearly against st. louis back in december.

all in all its shaping up to be a good game. with luongo vs. lehtonen it could be a low scoring affair. even if just one of torres, sameullson, raymond, malholtra or tambellini can find the net juswt once, it might be enough to let the sedins and kesler do the rest.


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