Thursday, September 16, 2010

Top three biggest bandwagon fans in the nhl

3. Calgary: attendance and season tix sales were down bigtime until 2004 when they finally made the playoffs. For a canadian city that's not cool. Fortunately the 04 playoffs revived them. We'll see what happens if they continue to choke this year.

2. Vancouver: the canucks were almost sold and moved to portland in the late nineties after missing the playoffs from 1997 to 2000. Even with one of the most staxed lineups in recent nhl history (messier, bure, llinden, mogilny, kirk mclean, martin gelinas). Fortunately the fans haven't had recent reasons to jump off the bandwagon because they've made it to the second round of the playoffs in three of the past five seasons.

1. Pittsburgh penguins- if there was ever a city that didn't deserve a hockey franchise it would be pittsburgh. In the late eighties nobody was showing up to their games and the team was going to go bankrupt. Then they haxed the draft and got lemieux and jagr and were strong in the nineties winning two stanley cups. Then they added players like kovalev and straka and had even more playoff success in the late nineties. Then in 2001 lemiuex came out of retirement and took his team to the east finals. Then they miss the playoffs for three years in a row, all the fans gave up on the team, the team neared banruptcy and was very close to moving and being bought buy Mr. Blackberry. Unfortunately gary bettman got in the way of moving the team to canada. Then the team haxed the draft again and got malkin and crosby. Now they will continue to be financially succesful until crosby and malkin retire or leave the team. But just remember crosby, that the second your team stops winning your entire fan base will give up on you and start watching Pirates or Steelers games instead and you will have to move to winnipeg or quebec city.

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