Thursday, September 16, 2010

Morrison trying out with the Canucks

According to the article, Brendan Morrison is trying out with the Canucks, obviously trying to recapture his glory years when he was part of the West Coast Express with Todd Cumtuzzi and Marcus Naslund.

However, the most interesting part of the article is that Mr. Morrison has discovered a youth formula and made himself 25 again.

This could be dangerous for the Flames since Vancouver already has a very solid team. The last time Morrison was 25, he scored 71 points then 60 points the next season. Playing on a 2nd line with Kesler or the PP with the Sedins, he could break the 80 point plateau.

But then again, maybe his age is 25 again but he's still the 35 year old bum that has been washed up for 8 years now.

Over/Under: Games before Hodgson qutting the Canucks and requesting a trade and/or injuired


1 comment:

  1. On the over/under part, hodgson is going to be a jaromie iginla type player for the canucks. In five years or so he will be captain. So I take over on that one.

    I noticed too that tsn said he was 25. TSN has been reporting so many bad facts lately. When they were doing their segment on tanguay they said he scored 26 goals last season with tampa. I think they meant to say that he scored 26 with flames in his prime.

    Morrison would be a good signing. But he has to be willing to take 1 million because we don't have much cap space left. I wouldn't be surprised if the flames signed him. He has always played good hockey against calgary and he shows true grit being in the top ten all time in regular season overtime goals.