Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Evaluation time!! How did Hark do on his RFA signing predictions?

Mason Raymond. i said 3 million a season short term and he signed for 2.55 million for two years. pretty good hark

ian white i said 3 years at 4 million per. instead he signed for 1 year at 3 million. thats just an ok prediction hark.

bobby ryan- i said 5 million for 3 years. he signed 5 million for 5 years. boo yaki shaw.. thats prett fucking good hark.

aunti niemi i said 2.5 million and he signed for 2. thats awesome hark.

i said cogliano, gagne and brule would each get 3 million per year. i dropped the ball on this one. gagner was the closest getting 2.25. brule gets 1.85 but cogliano only took a mil. i guess steve tambellini really hardballed those fuckers on the edmonton squad. its not that bad though. 1 million dollars in edmonton can get u a lot of hookers and blow... a lot... am i right hosh?

marc stall i said 3 million. he is actually getting 4 million. i forgot that glen sather was the general manager and of course he would overpay. i dont agree with sather playing his star this much. of all the staal brothers marc has shown the least skill. marc got completely outplayed by his brother jordan when they met in the playoffs two years ago. if i were sather i would have signed him for a couple less years for one less mil. but im not sather.

overall i would have to rate my performance at an a-. i was taking a shot in the dark predicting the term of the contract but i was pretty close most of the time. the actual cap hit numbers i was pretty much dead on. with these type of predictions those people in my hockey pool better watch out.

doughty for number 2 overall pick.


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  1. you could almost empty the city's supply of hookers and blow with that kind of money, except that their supply is unlimited