Wednesday, August 18, 2010

brian burke is a fag

so tom kabs didnt get traded. burke tried to get everyone psyched on his name but it didnt work. now burke has publically said he wants to try and resign tom kabs. why? so we can have another three years of trade rumours? even if tom kabs didnt get traded, it may help the canucks move bieksa, because now he is the most valuable defenseman on the trade block. i am impartial to trading bieksa. if we trade him we can get a decent third liner that can develop into a second liner. and if we dont trade him then we have extreme defensive depth and dont have to worry about injuries.

leafs fans were retarded and though tom kabs could go for malone and a first. other rumours had joe thornton for tom kabs. with one year left on his contract those moves would be idiotic for tb or sj. they are just living proof that leafs fans are off in their own little reality world.

a realistic trade for bieksa would be: bieksa to sj for set o' hands (maybe thats unrealistic too). or bieksa to edmonton for brule. or bieksa to columbus for filatov. i would be happy with any of those trades.


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