Thursday, August 19, 2010

Piss anyone?

Fernandon pisani has signed with the blackwhores in the modern day equivalent of a yellow shower.

Pisani was the superstar of the oilers playoff run in 06 scoring something like 14 goals. He then went on to sign a big contract and sit on his fat lazy ass doing nothing, while the rest of his team was busy sucking moose balls.

He signed for 500,000 with the b'whores but I'm not sure if its a two way contract or not. Its probably a good move for the blackwhores. He's a bargain for a third liner.

Man what was kevin lowe thinking as oilers gm? He overpaid for pisani, moreau, horcoff, souray. Then he couldn't afford to keep smitty who was the heart and sould of that franchise. Fortunately tamby is ccleaning up well.

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