Saturday, July 10, 2010

what the flames need

Now that kotalik has signed with the lokomotif in russia, it frees up some additional cap space for the flames. Oviously the majority will go to signing white at whatever price the arbitrator decides is fair. Then their defence will be excellent. Their goaltending situation is stellar as well. It really comes down to offense now.

Projected top three lines:


They really don't have much talent that can be expected to be a clutch third line. If there's anything we have learned from the blackwhores run to the cup, is that you need offensive depth on your third line if you expect to win. Flames can't rely on glencross or backlund to have a significant impact on the third line. So they should sign at least one and maybe two players.


Brendan morrison: had a stellar year with washington. Plus he has always played good against calgary. He is in the top ten for regular season overtime goals all time.

Lee stempniak:he had ten goals in ten games with phoenix last year after the trade deadline. He's a good player and has the ability to score.


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