Friday, July 9, 2010

Kolvy needs to take Lebronomania 101

Kolvachuk has been bouncing back around teams for the past two weeks. Islanders/NJ/Kings (twice)/ KHL, but has yet to come up with a decision.

This has people pissed off because he's a big bitch and wants a max contract even though he doesn't deserve one.

He needs to do what Lebron did for the basketball world

1) Start a Twitter account and tweet about his every move and thought
2) Start a fanpage
3) Host an TSN Special called "The Decision II" and donate all the money that is raised from the special to himself
4) Announce that he is heading back to the KHL to play in the newly dubbed Kolvachuck's Hockey League

On a completely different note, there seems to be worldwide hatred for LBJ and the Miami Heat. I do not understand this logic. The only fans in the world that have a legitimate reason for hating Bron Bron, is Cleveland. He is egotistical for making a Special for his decision, but I would not consider this "stabbing Cleveland in the back. He is not a coward for wanting to play with another superstar and potentially win multiple championships. He is obviously not doing it for the money since he is taking a pay cut. Of course, his 'legacy' is tinted because Miami will always be known as Dwanye Wade's team, so he can never reach Jordan status there. But maybe he doesn't want it, maybe he just wants to have fun playing on a great team with the chance of winning multiple chamiponships ... what's wrong with that. He does not deserve all the disses he is getting for choosing Miami. It's not like he raped a girl like Kobe.

That being said, Lebron should be known as a dick worldwide because he's mean to Cabbie.


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