Friday, July 9, 2010

smitty to oilers and darryl sutter being fired

it will be interesting to see if steven tambelline, the gm of the oilers, takes the same hot tub time machine strategy that darryl sutter of the flames has taken. if the rumours are true that a smyth for souray deal is in the works, we could see both alberta teams trying to recreate a spark of beauty from the past.

word of advice to the oilers: don't.

in other news darryl sutters future replacement was hired today. ken king the owner of the flames hired as an assistant gm, the gm that led tampa to the finals but then was fired and replaced by stevie y. like all stupid owners that dont know whats best for their organization, ken king is slowly pushing darryl into a cushy upper management job and out of the cockpit of the flames. the new assistant gm should hope to be less of a japanese kamikaze pilot in his effort to build a stanley cup winner. expect darryl to be out of the gm role in the next offseason or two (the next time the flames do worse than making the second round of the playoffs.)

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  1. I like the Hot Tub Time Machine Strategy. Darryl is probably one of the masters of it.