Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spezza to Calgary!

Eklund has reported that there are talks between trading Regher and Langkow for Jason Spezza. Bryan Murray isn't that much of an idiot so we'd probably have to throw in Moss too. HEHEHEHE

Since Kotareek has pussied off to Russia, that frees up 3 million in cap space. Regher and Langs combined cap hit is around 8.5 million and Moss is 1.3. We'd be getting rid of deadweight Langkow and Moss for Spezza and saving over 1 million dollars. Sounds like a good deal to me. Sutter has to convince the Senators that Langkow will be healthy at the start of the season or else the deal won't go through.

Sutter than does the ultimate Hot tub Time machine and gets Theo back.

Bourque - Spezza - Iggy
Tanguay - Jokinen - Hagman
Glencross - Stajan - Theo Fleury
Stone - fag - fag

Obviously our 4th line is a piece of shit but that's a deep team right there.


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