Sunday, July 18, 2010

FIRE EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This has been building up for about a year now but I have fully jumped off the Daryl train. Seriously the man thought the 2009/2010 Flames forwards had potential... and I don't even think he does acid. He brought back Ollie Jokinen... I shouldn't have to say whats wrong with that. And thanks to Sutter we got the very prestigious 64th pick in the 2010 draft. Oh and Iggy had yet another birthday. Guess we can't blame Daryl for that, though it was only a few years ago our motto was "In Sutter we trust", so maybe the natural aging process is his fault. But why just be mad at Sutter when there are so many other people to hate. All the players who underachieved, all the scouts who continually draft Marcus Nilson wanna be's... So I have a new strategy for the Flames organisation. Fire everyone. Every single person involved in the Mel Gibson's career-esqe self-destruction of the team. From the GM to the players to the good spirited and lovable towel boy. Start completely from scratch, suck serious ass for five years, get awesome draft picks with your newly competent scouts, and come back a dominant team. Might as well start now, rather than continuing to wallow in our own mediocrity for as long as Daryl can keep our team in solid out-in-the-first-round position.



  1. Dude I dunno, Mel Gibson self destruction is pretty huge. Maybe just a Tiger woods?