Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the bieksa saga continues

A lot of people in vancouver are really concerned about the canucks cap situation. Talking about how they can only go over by ten percent and then they have to pull themselves back under before the start of the season.

The thing about mike gillis is that he's a cap genius. If he wants bieksa to stay, he will defy mathematics and common sense capology to make him stay. This is how:

Right now canucks have 2 million in cap space. Once they sign OB they will have 400 g's. They still have to sign mason raymond, cody hodgson and jannik hansen. Easy! Let's say we can sign those three players plus one more for 4 million altogether.

Now you're probably asking right now, "how is he going to turn 400,000 into 4 million. Well its quite simple and it actually works.

Players get injured. I know that burrows just had surgery. He's going to be injured. That's 2 million in cap space that won't count against the books at the start of the season. Then when he's healthy again hopefully someone else is injured and we can swap the two of them on the roster. Now we are sitting at 2.4 million. To get the next 1.6 we just send SOB down to the farm team until another d-man gets injured.


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