Friday, July 2, 2010

Moderate Expectations

In 2009-2010, the Flames scored a League low 204 goals because they sucked ass and everyone hated the team except Bourque and Giocumno

Here are my hopefully but not too optimistic predictions for the new Flames team as of July 2.

Iggy - 30-35
Joke - 20-25
Bourque - 20-25
Tangs - 15-20
Hagman - 15-20
Stajan - 15-20
Glencross - 10-15
Rangkow - 10-15
Dawes - 10-15
Backlund - 5-10
Moss - 0
Giocumno - 5-10
Jay Blow - 5
Everyone else - 20

So that gives us a: 180 - 235

Let's be on the optimistic side and say we will end up between 200-235 ... which I guess is kind of like last year....

Thinking about it normally. It is if the 2007-2008 Calgary Flames had sex with the 2009-2010 Calgary Flames and produced this disgusting awful hybrid, but the hybrid is a cheaper version that is an older model and runs on diesel.

I lost myself in the middle of the paragraph. However, I do believe that our team is currently better than the 09/10 Flames but still worse than the 08/09 when we had Cammy and Tuzzi, but also better than the 07/08 Flames when it as just Iggy, Tangs, and Hudanglius running the show.

Salary wise, I couldn't be happier with the Tanguay and Joke signings. I think the reason why most people hated Joke (including myself) is because he was making 5 million and putting up 2-3 million dollar numbers. Now he has the chance to make the amount of money he is worth. Plus, everybody thinks he sucks, so most people will be presently surprised.

THe only thing left to do in the offseason is trade Kotareek for some crystal meth and then give that crystal meth to David Moss and hope he gets addicted and has to be a celebrity episode of Intervention on A&E and has to miss the rest of the season.


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