Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Picks for Team Canada

Brodeur, Luongo, Ward


Doan-Sakic- E.Staal

Picking Ward over Fleury was a tough call, but you have to go with Ward because he is a conn smythe winner. Each goalie should be given a chance to play during the round robin, and the best goalie will be chosen to start the first game of the tournament, and we roll with him.

On defense the only real questionable pick is Regher. Someone experienced like Dan Boyle, or a young player like Duncan Keith might be worthwhile to give a chance. But i think you've got to go with Regher because hes been to the olympics twice before.

On Offense I want Smitty because he was clutch in that Edmonton playoff run. Pair him with iginla and crosby and you've got a hardworking gritty line. doan makes the list just because he plays for gretzky and the Great One will want him to be there. I wouldn't mind if Sakic didn't make the cut because hes old and i want a younger face to the offense of this team, but he was so good last time we won gold 8 years ago that one might want to include him for nostalgiac's sake. the only questionable pick is Lucic. Last olympics we had the power forward line of nash, thorton,bert. The line was strong, although it did not produce very much; gretsky had so much faith in the line that they were one the ice when we were down one goal with 30 seconds left to go in the game. Having Lucic will complete the power forward line again. Plus all those sissy swedes and finns might drop out of the tournament after they find out they have to play the man called milan.


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