Monday, June 29, 2009

My Ideal Lineup After Free Agent Frenzy

Sedin (6)-Sedin (6)-Gaborik (7.5)
Demitra (4)-Kesler (1.75)- Burrows (2)
Bernier (2)-Raymond (1)-Hodgson (.5)
Johnson (1)-Rypien (.5)-Hordichuk (.750)

Bieksa (3.75)-Salo (3.5)
Mitchell (3.5)-Edler (3.25)
Obrien (1)-Bouwmeester (6.5)

Luongo (6.75)-Schneider (.5)

Total Cap Hot is 60.25 million. estimated cap hit for next season is 56.8 million so i might be dreaming a little bit. If we can't get Bouwmeester i will take Jack Johnson but only for 4.5 million. signing bouwmeester for that much money is probably a big mistake because his numbers are not much better than guys on the canucks that are being paid 3.5 million.

3 Reasons Canucks should Sign J-Bow:

1)so the canucks can have two players at the olympics.
2)Because he is clutch at keeping the puck in on the powerplay.
3) Because he's put up 40 point seasons consistently for the past four seasons, and now that he's 25 he might be looking to elevate his game to the next level.

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